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Microwave News - Recent headlines and up-to-date coverage of the entire electromagnetic field issue from the leading information resource in the field.

World Health Organization - International EMF Project - Describes the scope of the International EMF Project, and provides access to reference documents and exposure standards produced by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

NIEHS - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Access to many U.S. government funded EMF reports from past years, and good background information on Electric and Magnetic Fields.

Federal Communications Commission - Office of Engineering and Technology - RF Safety Program Page - Offers access to important documents on radio frequency exposure limitation, within the context of existing regulatory standards in the U.S.

Axis Environmental Solutions - Provides EMF/RF Assessments & Mitigation throughout south Florida.

My Quiet Home - EMF and RF technical assessment, consultation and mitigation in southern California. In addition to full spectrum EMF expertise, William Holland is also a licensed electrical contractor with extensive experience in correction of wiring problems that create high magnetic field levels.

Environmental Assay Inc. - Provides EMF testing and remediation, plus mold and indoor air quality surveys, to residential clients in NJ, PA, NY, and surrounding area. The website contains in-depth descriptions of many EMF problem conditions, written by an experienced and knowledgeable professional in the field.

The Beginner's Guide to EMFs - A free online resource for learning about the four types of man-made EMFs and how to reduce or eliminate your exposure to each.

ScanTech Technical Consulting - A professional EMF survey and environmental / occupational health safety testing firm based in Dallas,Texas serving the Central United States including Houston, Austin and beyond. The lead consultant Joel-Anthony Gray (BSEE, CIH, CSP, MAC) offers a variety of consulting services including electromagnetic EMF & RF (Radio Frequency) measurements, indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, radiation level / radioactivity testing, sound / noise level measurements, photometric light level, pacemaker and biomedical equipment / implant interference EMI surveys and specialized industrial troubleshooting including hospitals and medical centers.

Electricsense living with EMFs - Tips and advice from Lloyd Burrell, an electrosensitive with nearly 10 years experience, on living a healthy life in the face of electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, Wifi, dirty electricity and the like.

Mike Holt - The premier educator for the electrical industry. Mike Holt's seminars and books on the NEC and electrical safety produce better electricians and better electrical installations. Strict code compliance is the best way to reduce AC magnetic fields in new construction.

Quacks - Four ways to recognize questionable sources.

Disclaimer: These sites are presented as an information resource, and represent a spectrum of opinions. The viewpoints expressed therein do not necessarily reflect those of EMF Services.


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